< TrywaR
age='31' />


Sites: All types, self-written or mostly on Modx Revo

Applications: SPA based Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)

I use: Github Google Play application publishing, AppStore application publishing, AWS YandexCloud Firebase

I write on: PHP mySQL jQuery CSS SASS HTML XML

About me

Hello! I develop websites and applications from scratch, handling both backend and frontend tasks. I also have some experience in design, SEO, and content creation. In general, I try to fully assess each project, understand its purpose and essence, which helps me determine when it's okay to use quick fixes and when it's necessary to dedicate a couple of evenings to a task to avoid spending months on corrections.
I've been in web development since 2011 and have worked in various IT companies in different roles. For a long time, I've been freelancing, and I really enjoy direct communication with clients and company directors, which has honed my telepathy skill to level 80.
I've relocated to Turkey, and it's not my last relocation. Right now, I'd like to find a great team to work with, as my level of communication has decreased.


I am currently working on two platforms:

  • SmartClicks - Cross-platform learning app
  • u0life - Completely my own development, an application for tracking finances and time, mainly for freelancers