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Hello, reader of my resume!

My name is Sergey, and I've been involved in web development, living in the internet world since 2010. During this time, I have tried many things, such as creating websites and mobile applications from scratch, including: design, content, backend, frontend, SMM, SEO, and more.
I am a creative person and take a creative approach to work, this approach helps me enjoy my work and not burn out under any circumstances, charging those around me with positivity and energy for quality work.


Currency rate synchronization and tracking system Database encryption setup Multilingual implementation Integration with cloud storages AWS, YandexCloud Website, document, and file parser Pure PHP API implementation Integration with Yandex product catalog Integration with 1C and products Push notification functionality via FireBase Telegram bot notifications Authorization setup Google authorization integration CRON job handling GitHub version control GitHub Gist code storage


I have worked in all possible schedules, full-time, part-time, in the office, remotely in companies, and also as a freelancer. I am independent and value my and others' time, for this, I have developed my service that allows controlling and analyzing finances in conjunction with time, with currency conversion and other data for analytics and reporting. Additionally, I have built and supervised a team of developers remotely across Russia in completely different time zones. There was a project on Yii, where it was necessary to quickly (2 weeks) fix errors, add functionality, and present it to the customer, which I successfully coped with, although I had never worked with Yii before. I have experience in creating services from scratch, designing the structure, database, and participating in UI and UX development in a team with designers, and further support and refinement based on user feedback.


August 2019 - Present


Russia and CIS
PHP mySQL Linux Windows MacOS Cordova GitHub jQuery SASS Modx
Website and mobile application development and refinement
June 2017 - June 2019


Full-Stack developer
Saint Petersburg
PHP mySQL AWS Firebase AppStore Google Play GitHub jQuery SASS Modx WordPress OpenCart Trello
Website, service, and mobile application development.
August 2016 - February 2017


Backend developer
Saint Petersburg
PHP Bitrix JavaScript
Development and maintenance of websites on the Bitrix CMS
November 2013 - March 2016


Backend developer
Saint Petersburg
Development and maintenance of sites on various CMS. Content placement and optimization. Work with widgets, modules for websites. Use of HelpDesk systems. Maintaining additional reporting on work performed in Google documents and tables for time accounting and other useful information. Layout edits, optimization, and responsiveness. Some SEO work, placement of data necessary for promotion, and implementation of their output.
August 2012 - July 2013

ISkra, Information Center

Technical support
Installation and configuration of software after failures (identifying the cause of failures). Configuring software operation in a network of up to 50 machines. Telephone client consultation. Remote software setup using teamviewer and similar services. Travel nature of work (Communication with clients). Teamwork (Friendly team of user support department).



Docker PHP Laravel React WebPack Gulp
In my free time, I study current and interesting technologies


English (A1+) Turkish (A1) Russian (Native)
2008 - 2012

Kansk Technical College

PHP SQL Linux Delphi 7 HTML CSS
Additionally, I was engaged in self-education through video lessons, writing programs, games, and websites.